G.Y.M Bandz can do what ALL other bands can do and they just do it better. Additionally, G.Y.M Bandz create countless possibilities do many functional exercises that were simply not possible before now. Check out this comparison chart of how G.Y.M Bandz stack up next to other types of bands out there:

Are G.Y.M Bandz safe for children? ABSOLUTELY!! In fact, G.Y.M Bandz were originally designed to for rehab and child movement correction. Every decision that went into the design, from the premium "zero skin irritation" material to the bright colors of our stars, was made with the same leading question: Is it child-friendly? We only moved forward when we could answer, "YES, 100%."  

What sports/skills can I improving in using G.Y.M Bandz? G.Y.M Bandz are designed to adapt and amplify the trainings of virtually any sport that requires the use of muscle. In fact, G.Y.M Bandz can be used while actually playing/practicing most sports to development power by providing resistance while simultaneously assisting in the use of proper movement mechanics.

Is there a G.Y.M Band workout plan? At the moment, nope. G.Y.M Bandz were created to infiltrate and enhance the training/sport that your are already practicing. Yes, G.Y.M Bandz can absolutely serve as the focus point of a training program and we will develop some band specific programs in the near future based off customer feedback and requests. 

How much weight can the G.Y.M Bandz withstand? To be honest, we still do not know. We have tried, but still have not been able to break a G.Y.M Band with body weight or weight training. This does NOT mean G.Y.M Bandz are unbreakable. They are strong enough to support aggressive use. Check out the "How To" and "G.Y.M Time" pages of this site suggested uses and best practices. When in doubt, ask a certified G.Y.M Coach for assistance. 

 Where do G.Y.M Bandz ship? We current ship to all of North America, Europe, Australia, Asia and New Zealand.