🔥🔥Super Bandz Now on sale!!🔥🔥
🔥🔥Super Bandz Now on sale!!🔥🔥





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"I highly recommend! G.Y.M Bandz have been amazing for me. I love to use them to increase the strength in every part of my body, which is great for a woman in her 50’s. I can carry the Bandz with me wherever I go 😊 Also, the best thing about these Bandz is that you can mimic Pilate moves, which is great for Pilates lovers like me!"

Regina S. / Nurse

“My students loved to poke fun at my lots and lots equipment I’d have to lug from my car into every studio I teach at, every single day. When I found this band, I literally only needed the band for training! No Thera-bands that rip up my dancers ankles, no Velcro, no weights, no booty bands… Literally all of those things I can cancel out with a singular G.Y.M Band. The anchors at the ends of the band are genius! SO many different ways to incorporate barre exercises, across the floor strength training, stronger turns/leaps/balance. My students love these Bandz! No more making fun of all my extra baggage😝”

Hannah P. / Dance Choreographer

"This multi-purpose band has been a key aspect to my workout routines and warm-up before games.
Having the widespread ability to Kraft my form as well as change the resistance in workouts indoors and outdoors has been a real advantage for me. I highly recommend G.Y.M Bandz for all and any who are looking to get a complete and useful workout product. Any sport imaginable can benefit from this band, one way or another."

Curtis S. / International Baller

"The most versatile Bandz on the planet."

Michael B. / Coach

Bandz are an amazing way to create resistance and increase muscle activation in your practice. They also are a unique tool in both active and passive flexibility exercises. The best bands for yoga? Definitely G.Y.M Bandz! The multiple loops are created to adapt to any yoga posture and you can be so creative with them.

Farah Y. / Yoga Instructor

I found G.Y.M Bandz to be super resourceful for helping to keep my workouts effective when I’m traveling around. The design of the band makes it easy to target the right muscle groups for a full body routine. Not just for high performance athletes but even the general fitness population can benefit from the use of this product. Highly recommended!

Brad L. / Strength and Conditioning Specialist

G.Y.M Bandz are exactly what I was looking for to help me improve both strength and flexibility. Such a versatile tool!!!

Eva D. / Ballerina